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paolo-at-workI was born in Rome many years ago, I graduated from the Art Institute of ROME as the Master of Applied Arts and Graphic Designer ... I have always had a passion for drawing, comic book collector and vintage especially fond of superheroes and science fiction. Musically I'm a rocker and an unhealthy attraction to the rock group KISS, probably not for their musical quality, but at least for their scene that reminds me of my beloved superheroes ...... I start by tattooing of young friends (very helpful) with rudimentary craft tools, then in 1997 I opened my first studio ..... some of you will remember "study TATTOODROME" in the center of Rome, near the Colosseum in the Monti district. Since 2008 after a period of work outside Rome, I opened a new studio in my area native AXA - CASALPALOCCO.

From past experience and maturity gained, I was able to change my point of view in the world of tattoo ... giving much more space to the quality of the design that I make on the skin, because a tattoo "is for life" so it is better to have a single work rather than just a tattoo. Definitely prefer the tattoo and realistic portraits in general, but I still have a great passion for the Japanese, of course I consider myself first and foremost a tattoo artist and every job that I face, from the most complex to the simplest, I consider it always the most important.

Paolo Sellani


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