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How to treat your tattoo

aftercareA tattoo done, the tattoo artist cleans and disinfects the affected area, if necessary apply a bandage or a protective film. You will probably leave instructions about when and how often you wash your tattoo, you will be given products for aftercare. From the moment you leave behind the tattoo-shop, the responsibility for the success of the tattoo will be entirely in your hands. During the first 2-4 hours from the study, do not remove the protection. Expects to be at home or in a clean and comfortable environment, making sure to have an antibacterial soap to wash your hands. After you have washed your hands, remove the bandage and wash the tattoo gently with your fingers (skin on skin) and warm water (the soap alters the pH and removes the layer of sebum which is the natural protection of the skin from external agents). Wipe dry with paper towels or a clean towel. Leave breathing for a few minutes, then wash your hands again and apply a light coat of your product (such as Bepanthenol) massaging gently. NOTE: The risk of infection is highest during the 48 hours that pass from the execution of the tattoo. Do not bandage over the tattoo unless there is a significant loss of fluids, a wide dress will be enough to protect him. In case you need to attend environments at risk (full of dust and dirt) use a bandage to protect the skin, but that the porous tattoo. Before bed, wash the tattoo again following the instructions given and apply a thin layer of cream. During the healing period will be sufficient to perform the washing of the tattoo once a day and apply a thin layer of cream 2 times per day. As long as the skin is healed, avoid swimming pools, sea and beach, sauna and water sports. Do not expose your tattoo to sunlight or tanning treatments. The average time to healing of a tattoo varies from 10 to 21 days. The use of a good aftercare product not only prevents infections but also irritation and burns and prevents the formation of scabs.




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